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Raising Healthy Kiddos - Ear Aches


This month we are taking a focus on raising healthy kiddos. We’ll use our social media, e-newsletter, and this blog to present tips and ideas on raising healthy kids. My first blog this month addresses a topic most parents are unfortunately familiar with: ear infections.

It’s highly likely that your precious baby will get an ear infection before their second birthday. It is agonizing watching our little ones in pain. Seeing them holding, tugging, or rubbing their ear is a sign it may be infected. Infections could be caused by a common cold, viral infections, or allergies. It’s important to understand that anatomy can be part of the puzzle when it comes to ear infections.

The Eustachian tubes that allow the ears to drain are supposedly more horizontal earlier in life. As they grow, the tubes develop more of a down angle. This simple change allows ears to drain and reduces ear infections. However, it’s more than that. The Eustachian tubes don’t rely that much on gravity to drain. It’s muscles that help move and guide the fluid down and out of the ears.

If these muscles are then interfered with and not functioning (moving) properly, the drainage of the ear begins to get clogged and held up. The longer that fluid sits in the ear, the more the pressure and likelihood of opportunistic infections builds.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child may be prescribed antibiotics or be advised to wait and see if the ear infection resolves on its own. But those methods don’t prevent infections from recurring.

As a pediatric chiropractor, when parents seek my help for their kiddos, I take a deeper look – instead of treating the symptoms caused by the ear infection (i.e. fluid in the ear, fever etc.), I do a thorough evaluation to look at what’s causing the ear infection – or infections.

When working with kids who experience ear infections, I evaluate the amount of stress in the muscles of the upper neck and base of the skull, possibly leading to a subluxation (the decrease in nerve function that prevents us from healing optimally; learn more here). If we see a subluxation around the spine that are closely related to the Eustachian tube this could prevent proper draining making gunk get backed up and cause an infection. I’ll also take time to talk with the parents about nutrition and toxins in the home that can lead to increased inflammation in our kids’ bodies.

During my career as a pediatric chiropractor in Bellevue, I’ve been lucky enough to treat many babies since birth. I’m happy to report that while under my care, most of them have been free of ear infections!

Here is a great success story: one little kiddo (about 8-months-old) was about to see the pediatrician for his third ear infection and his mama wanted to try something different. He started a care plan with us at Innate Family Chiro to realign his nervous system. For his care, we mostly concentrated in his upper neck. I’m happy to report that he didn’t have to go on another round of antibiotics, and he was also ear infection free from that point on. What a relief – not just for the baby, but for his parents as well!

If your kiddo is suffering from ear infections – whether their first or fifth, give us a call at 425-883-2543. We’ll see if chiropractic care can help them. My team and I scan the nervous system using technology that allows us to confirm the presence of a subluxation that may be causing the ear infections. From there we’ll develop a treatment plan specific for your child. While we can provide them great care in the office, we also suggest looking at home to evaluate if there are any toxins or inflammatory foods and remove them from the house and their diet respectively.

We look forward to helping your sweet kiddo navigate their early years – without ear infections.

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